23 January 2024

Valentine’s Day Gifting Trends to Look Out For in 2024

Love is well and truly in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s that time of year when we express our affection for our loved ones and shower them with tokens of love and appreciation.


But this year, let’s break free from traditional gifts and explore some of the most exciting Valentine’s Day gifting trends of 2024! Get ready to embrace self-care, celebrate “mini-milestones”, and spread some Galantines love! Here are the trends which we’re loving the most this Valentine’s Day…

1. Leaning into Self-Care: Pampering Gifts and Well-being


Indulge your loved ones with the ultimate self-care experience… a basket filled with chocolates, bath bombs, scented candles, or luxurious skincare products. This Valentine’s Day, encourage your special someone to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and pamper themselves. Remember, self-love is the foundation for any healthy relationship!


This year sees more people looking for quality relaxation time at home, so help to create that pocket of calm and put together some of their favourites in one fabulous basket. Self-care is all about dialling down the stress and cranking up the feel-good vibes. So, what will you add to pamper your special someone? 

2. Let’s get personal with thoughtfully chosen, feel-good gifts 


Gift-giving in 2024 is all about that personal touch. Forget grabbing a last-minute bouquet! Instead, make your loved one’s heart bloom with a personalised flower basket made with their favourite flowers. Choose blooms in their favourite colour or surprise them with their birth month flowers. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will brighten their day and show how much you care about their individuality and happiness. 


Our larger bags, such as the Atomic Tote and Betty Basket are perfect for filling with fresh blooms! They come in a rainbow of beautiful shades, so you just have to pick your loved one’s favourite colour and then fill it with your chosen flowers. Simple! Needless to say, a Jelly Bloom Basket is a gift that keeps on giving, as the lucky recipient can continue to rock their new arm candy for years to come.

3. Celebrating mini-milestones! 


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; it’s a celebration of love in all its forms. This year, let’s include the littlest ones in our festivities too! Mark baby’s first Valentine’s Day with a special baby basket filled with adorable gifts, such as soft toys, onesies, and even a small photo album capturing precious moments from their first year. Celebrating every milestone, no matter how small, strengthens the bonds of love within a family.


Our Jelly Bags are perfect for creating a cute Valentine’s gift basket for your little one. Pick your size, style, and colour … then have fun choosing the contents!

4. Valentine’s Decor and Galentine’s Parties


Galentine’s Day has continued to rise in popularity over the past few years and it’s definitely here to stay in 2024! It’s all about celebrating friendship on the day before V-Day, so why not put a spin on the traditional and host a Galentine’s Day brunch for your closest gal pals on 13th Feb? You could deck your table with Valentine’s decorations, including heart-shaped confetti, charming table runners, and beautiful floral centrepieces.


Top tip: our Mini Retro Baskets make the perfect bloom basket table decs! They are also a fun keepsake to give your Galentine’s to take home at the end of your special brunch! Above all, create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone can share stories, memories, laughter, and love.

5. Show some love to your furry friends! 


Our beloved pets bring us unconditional love and joy every day. This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to include them in the celebrations!


Surprise your furry friends with a special Valentine’s Day Jelly Basket filled with treats, toys, and accessories. They might even fancy a snuggle in the jelly basket, like Nora here! Capture precious moments of your pet’s happiness and share them with the world. Because, who can resist an adorable pet snap?

Valentine’s Day in 2024 is all about embracing the joy of giving and spreading love in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s indulging in self-care, celebrating precious mini-milestones, hosting Galantine’s Day events, or showering our furry friends with affection, the trends for this special day are filled with happiness and positivity.


So, let’s make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable by stepping outside the box and embracing these exciting gifting trends. Don’t forget to tag us @sunjellies in any photos you share, so we can show you some love too! Happy Valentine’s Day, Jelly Lovers!