5 October 2022

There ain’t no party, like a Sun Jellies party!

So you’re planning a party… YAY, we love parties! Whether it’s a birthday, a seasonal celebration, or a corporate entertainment event, we want your party to be the talk of the town! 


There’s lots to think about and organise… the venue, the entertainment, the food and drink, the invitations, the décor, and of course, the pièce de resistance… the goodie bags! 

Everyone LOVES a swag bag! Whether offered on arrival, as a table favour, or as a thank-you-for-coming gift at the end of the event, a well thought out party bag is a fantastic way to truly WOW your guests!


Now we know we’re biased when it comes to jelly bags, but we really do believe they make THE BEST goodie bags for all kinds of celebrations.


Whilst serving the obvious purpose of neatly storing your goodies, our jelly bags are also great gifts in themselves – they can be used ongoing by their lucky recipients, which is far more exciting and sustainable than throwaway alternatives.

Available in a rainbow of colours, you’ll always find a jelly bag to work with your party’s colour scheme and theme. In fact, they look so pretty, they will even contribute to your party décor.


Mix and match the range of colours available to suit your scheme… whether you want bold rainbow shades, pretty pastels, neutrals, or even monochrome, we’ve got you covered!


Whilst all our bag styles make for delightful goodie bags, it’s the Retro Basket that seems to be most popular. Loved by all, our classic Retro design looks amazing and offers recipients a sneak peek at the goodies inside! Available in 3 sizes – Large, Small, and Mini – you can choose the best fit for your contents and your guests.

Regardless of which style you choose, our iconic jelly bags will add a pop of colour and a touch of nostalgic delight to your event… a little bit of Sun Jellies magic that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to every guest’s face.

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