22 July 2023

Friends of Sun Jellies : Q&A with Emma Paton

Meet the super stylish Emma Paton… we love her colourful and sophisticated style, and so do her 50k+ followers on Instagram! We’ve been following her for years, admiring how she mixes lots of different styles and elements to create her own eclectic look. Of course, we’re always very happy to see how she styles her rather large collection of Sun Jellies bags and shoes too!


Inspired by Emma, and a selection of other jelly-advocates that we love to follow, we’re introducing a new ‘Friends of Sun Jellies’ blog series. We’ll be featuring Q&A’s with the people behind some of our fave Instagram accounts – we love them, and we think you will too!


So, here we go! Let’s dive into Emma’s world to discover a bit more about her background, her style, and most importantly, what we’d find in her jelly bag!

What has happened in your life to lead you to where you are now? Before kids I worked as a fashion buyer for 10 years. We lived in Hackney, London and renovated a Victorian house there, had 2 kids and decided it was time for a lifestyle change and a bit more space, so we moved to Suffolk nearly 4 years ago! We bought a grade 2 listed Georgian house in a lively village. We renovated the whole house through lockdown and have finally nearly finished! I now work as a full time content creator and my kids are now 10 and 7 years old.


What are your favourite things to do? I love cooking when I have the time and I’m trying to get into gardening now we have a big garden full of responsibilities! I have also been getting into paddle boarding after treating myself to one for my birthday last year. There is a group of us that like to go out together and explore the rivers in Suffolk! I often wear my Sun Jellies jelly shoes for paddle boarding! Obviously I love to dress up and be creative too, which takes up plenty of my week.

If you were heading out to eat, what would you be hoping to find on the menu? Now we have moved to Suffolk I do miss the good Asian food we were spoilt with in London – Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai especially. I always crave dim sum after living in Singapore when I was younger. Otherwise I am a massive salad fan and if I spot a good one on a menu, I’m always happy!


What’s your favourite tipple or sweet treat? I’m definitely a cocktail fan – Margaritas and Pina Coladas always make me feel like I’m on holiday! More recently I have discovered Kombucha, which I have been getting into. For sweet treats, I love a Swedish cardamom bun!


What values are important to you when you’re shopping for yourself and/or your family? Definitely quality and versatility. I would rather pay a bit more for something that will last (and get handed down) and I know has been made in an ethical way. My kids have been getting into charity shop shopping, Vinted and Ebay too, which I really support.

How would you describe your Instagram account? Who would it inspire, and what does it deliver to followers? My Instagram account is fun, colourful and uplifting! It gives lots of ideas on how to wear and style clothes and get the most out of them. It also supports many small and sustainable brands, which I always encourage people to shop and support. I hope my account shows clothes in a real way on a size 12, over 40 year old woman.


How would you describe your sense of style? Eclectic, colourful, patterned, and lots of dresses! I also love vintage and nostalgic style and someone told me recently I dressed ‘cool’ which I definitely don’t, but I do try to be original. Most definitely not a minimalist!

Which Sun Jellies bag is your FAVE, and why? I love the Atomic Tote as it carries so much and has the really useful handle lock on it!


What would we find inside your jelly bag? I love it for beach days and holidays the most…a magazine, notebook and pen, my camera, sun cream, water bottle, sunglasses, lipstick and a cardigan! Oh and often some jelly shoes!


If you like Emma’s vibe as much as we do, be sure to check out her instagram account @emmapaton___ (where you’ll also find her exclusive discount code for 15% off everything on our website!) and her blog  where she shares exciting fashion finds, styling tips, and her very popular Sunday Wishlist shopping blogs.