11 May 2023

Trending! Jellies for Men…

When the likes of Gucci and Coach release (and subsequently sell-out of 🤭) their jelly shoe lines for men, you know it’s going to be a jelly-tastic summer for guys across the globe!


Having been selling men’s jelly shoes for over 10 years now, we must admit that we’re feeling rather flattered about the designer fashion houses jumping onto the jelly wagon!


But, fear not… you don’t need to empty your piggybank in order to jump on the jelly trend. Whilst a designer pair would set you back several hundreds of pounds, our ‘dude approved’ jelly shoes are available for just £16 a pair!

We’ve always been fanatical about jelly… for men, for women, for children, for everyone!


Whilst there is no sweeter treat for a little one’s feet, you are never too old to slip on a pair of jelly shoes and take a stroll down memory lane!

Worn alone, or snug over socks, a pair of jelly shoes can add a splash of colour and character to any outfit.


With a great selection of colours available here on our website, there is a pair of jellies to suit everyone’s tastes. Choose your favourite shade, or stock up with a few different colours so you can match your jellies to your mood or outfit.

We have some brand-new shades available for SS23, including Bottle Green and Kelly Green, with a Beige shade on the way shortly as well!


These join our best-selling Cobalt Blue and Black colourways, our Clear ‘Big Lebowski’ inspired jellies, and even Silver Glitter (for those who want some extra razzle-dazzle),  providing men with a jelly-licious range of options to choose from.