16 February 2023

4 Jelly-licious Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day… a celebration of Motherhood and the important role it plays in our society. It’s a great opportunity to recognise and show appreciation for whoever the Mother figures are in your life, and so you might be looking for a special gift for the occasion.


No matter who your Mother figure may be, the question isn’t whether they’d like a jelly bag… (the answer to that is, of course, a resounding YES!) …but rather, how you can tailor and personalise your choice of jelly bag, to make it a truly meaningful Mother’s Day gift.


The thought and personal attention that goes into giving a great gift is something that any Mother is sure to recognise. So, in the countdown to Mother’s Day, we thought we’d share 4 creative ways to gift something truly jelly-licious!

Let’s start with a simple question… what lights her up?


If you have a Mum who is truly passionate about her hobby, then this is a great opportunity to indulge her interests. For example, if your Mum loves experimenting in the kitchen, why not fill a jelly bag with new cookbooks, recipe cards, a personalised apron, or some sparkly new kitchen accessories!


For your gym bunnies and yoga enthusiasts, you might opt for a new set of sports leggings, a personalised water bottle, or even just a fluffy new gym towel! From bookworms and bakers, to knitters and makers, this approach can work for almost any hobby or interest!

Of course, all Mums are filled with joy and pride, when it comes to their family. If you’re organising a gift on behalf of little ones, then here’s a great way to get them involved in creating something truly meaningful…


Armed with all things crafty, ask your little ones to create their own special cards, paintings, or mini masterpieces! Place these inside your chosen jelly bag, and finish with a ribbon and a homemade gift tag. If this doesn’t bring tears of joy on Mother’s Day, we don’t know what will!

Another truly beautiful way to present a jelly bag gift, is to fill it with fresh blooms.


Do you know Mum’s favourite flowers and/or colours? Be sure to choose blooms that best reflect her personality and preferences. This is a super simple and inexpensive way to gift something personal and truly beautiful on Mother’s Day.

Maybe what light’s Mum up, more than anything, is spending time with you! So perhaps, rather than filling your jelly bag with gifts, you could fill it with everything you need for a lovely day together. This could be a picnic in the park, prosecco on the beach, a pool day, or even a movie night!


Within the Sun Jellies range there is truly a bag style to suit everyone, so browse the collection to find the design and colour that best suits your Mum. We’d love to see your jelly-licious Mother’s Day gifts, so be sure to share a snap and tag us @sunjellies