23 September 2023

Friends of Sun Jellies : Q&A with Audrey Sweetblack

Meet Audrey Sweetblack… the Pin-Up Pastry Chef! Audrey is one of our favourite Pin-Ups to follow on Instagram because, not only does she have a colourful wardrobe bursting with vintage inspired outfits, she also dishes up lots of mouthwatering content from behind-the-scenes in her French Patisserie!


Audrey has built a 13k+ following showcasing her elegant vintage style and her beautiful bakes. She has quite the jelly collection and is often seen with one of our bags in hand, since she believes it adds “the final vintage touch to every outfit”.


We are delighted to feature Audrey as a Friend of Sun Jellies. Life has thrown her a number of very difficult challenges, but today she seeks to spread positivity and joy amongst her online and offline community… and we think that deserves to be celebrated! (Content warning: article contains brief references to abuse and mental health)

What has happened in your life to lead you to where you are now? Oh wow! That’s a big question, because I’ve been through a lot in life before getting to where I am now. I was raised by a single mum, with my sisters. My father took his own life. It would be a lie to say we were poor, but it wasn’t easy every day. I am an abuse survivor, so my childhood wasn’t really the best time of my life. In my twenties, I fought against deep depression, but I finally found the strength to externalise my traumas. I cannot say they’re gone because they will always be a part of who I am, but I don’t let them ruin my life anymore. They made me understand that I only have one life and I deserve to have exactly what I want.


What are your favourite things to do? Now that I am a mum, I would say that my favourite thing to do is to spend time with my family, especially as I am a small business owner who works a lot. I also love to listen to music, read, draw, and EAT!

If you were heading out to eat, what would you be hoping to find on the menu? Every menu with Italian food is good for me 😊


What’s your favourite tipple or sweet treat? I am a pastry chef who specialises in baking cupcakes, so I would have to say that a good cupcake is my favourite treat! Although, as a French woman, I also love to eat macarons, croissants, éclairs…


What values are important to you when you’re shopping for yourself and your family? Shopping has always been my favourite thing to do, but I admit it has evolved a lot throughout the years. I can say that I am now a more responsible shopper than 10 years ago. I like to support small businesses and sometimes buy secondhand when I shop for myself and my loved ones.

How would you describe your Instagram account? Who would it inspire, and what does it deliver to followers? My Instagram account is mainly made up of colourful vintage fashion and baked goods! I love to spread good vibes and positivity on my posts and it’s very important to me that my community feels comfortable, welcomed, and joyful seeing my content.


Who captures all your content? My husband takes all my photos and videos. He never stops supporting me and cheering me on. I am a very lucky wifey!


How would you describe your sense of style? I’ve always been fascinated by fashion and fashion history, but my entire life changed when I dared to adopt vintage style as my daily look. My style is very 40’s and 50’s inspired but with vibrant colours.

Which Sun Jellies bag is your FAVE, and why? The Retro Basket is my favourite Sun Jellies bag. I love its versatility and how it brings the final vintage touch to every outfit. A MUST HAVE!!!


What would we find inside your jelly bag? I only ever take the necessities with me: my keys, a pack of tissues, my lipstick, a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses, and let’s go!


To dive into Audrey’s vintage inspired wardrobe, and take a look at the scrummy baked treats she prepares in her Patisserie, head over and follow her on Instagram: @audreymisssweetblack