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In 2012, in an English seaside town, Sun Jellies began as an online shop selling Méduse, the original brand of jelly shoes since 1947.   Our customers adored our French jelly shoes and the happy childhood memories they brought back.  


We started getting requests for jelly bags, another favourite childhood accessory, and we loved this idea so much that in 2014 we created Sun Jellies bags!


Inspired by vintage designs from the mid century through to the nineties, Sun Jellies bags are the perfect gift for nostalgic fashion and homewares lovers.  Our bags continue to inspire and delight customers from all over the world, appearing on book covers, in photoshoots and illustrated forms.

From the beach to the street and in your home, the versatility of our bags will capture your imagination.  Cute, colourful, fun and always practical.  Some might say, sunshine in a bag!


All Sun Jellies bags and Méduse jelly shoes are made from 100% recyclable plastic and are 100% reusable.

Illustration by Emma Block for Sun Jellies
Illustration by Emma Block for Sun Jellies




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