Welcome to Sun Jellies!

Sun Jellies was created by the British seaside in 2012 inspired by sweet memories of childhood summers and the fun of wearing whatever you wanted with a happy skip and hop.


We wanted to bring back your old favourites and others you didn't know about so you can enjoy them all over again.


In our online shop we sell our own Sun Jellies brand of jelly bags along with the famous French jelly shoes and now beaded coin purses.


Our jelly bags are inspired by authentic vintage designs from the mid-century through to the nineties. A delightfully nostalgic accessory for any casual outfit, perfect for the beach and the cutest way to organise bits 'n bobs in your home or office!


Our Meduse jelly shoes were created in 1946 and are the originals! A family favourite for decades, our French jelly shoes are made for summer with sizes for kids, women and men.


Take a trip down memory lane with our beaded coin purses but don't pick off all the beads! A handy size purse to carry your small valuables inside your jelly bag.


We'd love to hear your happy childhood memories of these products so send us an email with your story to hello@sunjellies.com If you're out and about please share your Sun Jellies moments with us on facebook or instagram @sunjellies #sunjellies






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Sun Jellies Ltd
155 Stephens Road

Tunbridge Wells


United Kingdom